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Members of the Land Of The Geeks as for November 2015

Members of the Land Of The Geeks as of November 2015

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What is LOTG?Edit

The Land Of The Geeks (LOTG) was a group created by Youtuber Rye-Rye99. They mainly focused on gaming videos, specifically the "Geeky Gmod" series which were videos of Rye and some of his former friends doing random things in Gmod like Prop Hunt, Hide and Seek and other random activities.

LOTG Now Edit

Rye-Rye99 has announced early March 2017 on a Google+ post that LOTG has been cancelled as well as the "Geeky Gmod" series. The LOTG Steam page has since been taken down.

Since LOTG is no longer an official group, Rye and his other friends still made a new Gmod videos for a new series named "Zany Gmod" which is not related to Geeky Gmod or LOTG.

Latest activityEdit

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